Listen: Jesse Krieger

Jesse Krieger, in his own words, helps writers create amazing books, then distribute and promote them.
His “why”, as Simon Sinek calls it, seems crystal clear, and this Teachable interview shares a concise acronym that’s inspiring me today:
“I found the number one concern, a hesitation that people have about really creating a book and finishing it is what I call playing the waiting game, and waiting will be an acronym for Who Am I To. As long as authors think ‘Who am I to put myself forward as an expert on this topic? Who am I to write a book about x, y, to z?’, then it presupposes a negative answer. The simple shift there is going from Who Am I To, to who can I serve? Who is this book for? Who is this going to make a difference in their life, solve a problem, or help them achieve a goal or aspiration?”
The whole interview is here and worth a listen:


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