Nikki Nielsen

A small-town girl fresh off the world’s most contentious divorce and custody battle takes a job with her hometown newspaper. The Northridge Press records local history and uncovers the secrets long buried in a small, Minnesota town – and now, thanks to her gruff, Scandinavian uncle, Nikki Nielsen’s in the thick of it.

Coming in 2018: BULLET POINT

Bullet Point a Nikki Nielsen novel

Northridge is changing – long-time residents have passed on, new housing developments spring up in old farm fields, and officials have approved the city’s first major shopping mall. As Nikki settles into her role as Northridge Press publisher, reporter Andrew Myles dogs his arch rival Police Chief Daniel Sullivan. They butt heads over a domestic tragedy that rocks Nikki to her core – and is not at all what it seems to be.

Reeling in the wake of an explosion that kills her ex-husband, Northridge Press publisher Nikki Nielsen struggles to co-parent her eight-year-old daughter, Kelly, with Jeff’s widow, Terese. The two women close ranks to protect Kelly from a stalker who may be connected to Jeff’s death and a long-buried secret that touches the lives of several prominent Northridge families – a crime someone desperately wants to expose, and avenge.

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Bury the Lede a Nikki Nielsen novella

This fast-moving adventure follows Nikki’s first big Northridge Press story. When vandals cut a wide swath through Rolling Oaks Cemetery, she suspects a group of teenaged boys caused the damage. But the more she digs into the story, the more unsettling information she uncovers. And that handsome new police chief has her quite unsettled as well.     Read an excerpt    Buy at