Nikki Nielsen

A small-town girl, fresh off the world’s most contentious divorce and custody battle, takes a job with her hometown newspaper. The Northridge Press records local history and uncovers the secrets long buried in a small, Minnesota town – and now, thanks to her gruff, Scandinavian uncle, Nikki’s in the thick of it.

Bury the Lede a Nikki Nielsen novella

A prequel to Above the Fold, this fast-moving adventure follows Nikki’s first big Northridge Press story. When vandals cut a wide swath through Rolling Oaks Cemetery, Nikki suspects a group of teenaged boys caused the damage. But the more she learns, the more unsettling information she uncovers. And that handsome new police chief has her a quite unsettled as well.     Read an excerpt    Buy at

Above the Fold a Nikki Nielsen novel

Reeling in the wake of an explosion that kills her ex-husband, Northridge Press publisher Nikki Nielsen struggles to co-parent her eight-year-old daughter, Kelly, with Jeff’s widow, Terese. The two women close ranks to protect Kelly from a stalker who may be connected to Jeff’s death and a long-buried secret that touches the lives of several prominent Northridge families – a crime someone desperately wants to expose, and avenge.   Read an excerpt   Buy at